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Sabbath Evening – Quilts

For Sabbath Evenings I’m sharing a piece of poetry with you from my dear and old-time friend Alice. She is part theologian, gifted writer, reader of many books, an old soul, a profound thinker, a confidant, a wisdom giver, and a woman of God.  I am grateful to call her friend.  Enjoy!

Quilts found, quilts gifted,
quilts hung in colors sifted
through by hands like mine
hung in rows on a line at shows
so we can see their beauty
warmth, feel history.

Walking through an antique fair
my eyes search everywhere…Look!
In a corner, on that table…oh pleeeese…
can I afford another piece of time and
love and story
to grace my home and give God glory?

In Iowa they knew this trade.
Lovingly their hands had made
so many quilts for those they loved
or those in need or
just to please themselves. Indeed!

I quilted once, will not forget
the needle in my thumb,
wanting to be done,
crick in neck, frustration,
what the heck,
I’ll never be perfect
yet the women let me quilt…?
so I let go of guilt and realized my
imperfect stitches added to the story
just as we, children of dust, living
His story, reflect God’s glory.

Alice Hattendorf

  1. Julie Ann
    February 17, 2015 at 2:21 pm

    Beautiful. I am a quilter. I would love to know where the image came from.

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