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Sabbath Evenings – The Rebels Guide to Joy (John Newton)

Dear Reader, thank you for stopping by.  I apologize that there is no original post this week.  I took a bit of a fall earlier this week.  Pain medicine keeps me in la-la land [smile].  So, lest I start exploring the spiritual implications of time-shares on Jupiter, I will leave you with this gift from Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Washington.  I listen to Pastor Mark Driscoll’s sermon podcast each week.  Driscoll founded The Resurgence, a theological cooperative associated with Mars Hill,  Desiring God (a ministry of John Piper),  and the The Gospel Coalition (including Tim Keller and D. A. Carson), Crossway Books and The Hub.

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The Rebels Guide to Joy

John Newton (1725-1807) was a slave ship captain who was changed by God and went on to become an Anglican pastor, hymn-writer, and opponent of slavery. As a young man, he was pressed into service on board a ship working in the slave trade, and he lived a debauched life as a sailor. Then during a voyage his ship encountered a terrible storm. Newton called out to God in desperation, and that experience marked the beginning of his journey toward Christ. However, it took many more years and even further service on slave ships before his true conversion took place. He went on to become an opponent of the slave trade and influenced his friend William Wilberforce to fight for its abolition. He also pastored two churches and penned over 300 hymns, including the beloved Amazing Grace. The short video below tells his story.

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